The “Trigger” is non-symmetrical tri-blader with the typical MTA-flight performances, it was special developed for sure catch after every one throw and a sure score in MTA100 and SuperCatch competition events.

The shape is a result of long optimization -30 prototypes were made and tested (Nov. 2001-March 2002) before the serial manufacturing start.

The arm-profiling is a revolution in the multi-blader-boomerang’ design. Thanks to that, the “Trigger” flight performances are unique - it forgives throwing-faults, takes a horizontal position at the end of the climbing without any stall-symptoms and hovers without contra-rotation during the hover (in German “Ausdrehen”). And because the “Trigger” is a tri-blader – it is much more sure for catching.

The premiere of the “Trigger” held on the World Boomerang Championship in Kiel, Germany (29.07.-09.08.2002).Many throwers from the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Australia used successful “Trigger” in the SuperCatch and MTA100 events.

There is only one standard version of “Trigger” in serial manufacturing : both sides are black/yellow “snake skin” (carbon/aramid fabric)

WBC-Kiel-2002 throwers about the “Trigger”:
* Manuel Schuetz (2000 and 2002 World Champion): “Trigger” is your best product!”
* John Koehler (USA WBC-2002 “Dogs of Boom” Team coach): “Your “Trigger” helped us to win. Thank you!”
* Fridolin Frost (Ex World and European Champion, German WBC-2002 “Be Motion” Team member): “I am really impressed by your “Trigger”!”
* Michael ‘Gel’ Girvin / Team Gel Awards 2002: Georgi Dimantchev - WBC to Bulgarian aerospace arms of boomerang connection award and saviour of SuperCatch MTA award for three ”Dogs of Boom”.
* Roger Perry (Australia’ most active boomerang maker & thrower): “You are the champion!”

An ambassador's experience with "Trigger" :

"Everyone at the 2003 Gateway Classic in St Louis was very impressed with the "Trigger"! Matt Golenor has a very strong arm! He threw his "Trigger" (27 gram/2002) very high and of course it laid flat and stabilized immediately. Same for my "Trigger UL" (20 gram/2003), except I do not have the "cannon" arm that Matt has."

Jeff Arrington, USA, 27.05.2003

carbon/aramid version

one-of-a-kind version

ALL my composite MTA 2-bladers

Since 2003 "TRIGGER" is avaible in Ultra-Light version too

special one-of-a-kind versions
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