"GRADUS" composite MTA

“Gradus” in Greek means “step”.

“Gradus” MTA-boomerang is a new step in the boomerang-design. It is definitely the first MTA-boomerang developed looking complexly for solutions of the problems in aerodynamics area and composite manufacture technology.

For the first time in the boomerang-practice are used different for every one arm and relatively thick profiles, three-dimensional (3D) turbulators and a precise weight balance.

Thanks to all that the throwing is so easy as could be the throwing of one MTA-boomerang. The hover is stable and most near to vertical,“Gradus” is relative wind-resistant and thermic-sensible in the same time.

The Bulgarian MTA100 record (2000), the British MTA Unlimidet record (2001) and the second best French MTA Unlimited time (2002) are thrown with “Gradus”.

According to the applied reinforce-materials there are two different versions available :

1. standard version - both boomerang-surfaces are black/yellow “snake skin” (carbon/aramid fabric)

2. special version – black (carbon roving).

an ambassador's experience with "Gradus" :

"I’m Tim Lendrum and I first became to know your work when I came 2nd at the Australian Nationals. I threw your “Gradus” model with a time of 44.66 seconds. Since then, your MTA boomerang has become a favourite in my collection. My previous best time for MTA was 26 seconds, so this time was amazing for me! Being only 18 yrs old, I am interested in knowing how to make the carbon fibre boomerangs. The only resource I make boomerangs in is 3mm aircraft plywood, which is ok for 26 seconds, but never any more than that!"

Tim Lendrum, NSW, Australia, 13.06.2003

"Georgi, I don't know if you saw but I won the MTA event in the open division of the St. Louis Memorial day tournament last month. You can see that my score ranked up there with the guys throwing "Jonas". Only one guy who had better scores in the sport division wasn't throwing a "Jonas", he was throwing a "Snake". I used the "Gradus" for all 5 throws and had 4 catches.. I gradually increased the power of the throws and had 2 throws over 30 seconds. The last throw I just threw it too hard with not enough spin. You can be sure that these MTA's will always get thrown in competitions I am in! Since the tournament I have been throwing 40sec+ flights during practice very easily. AWESOME! Overall, I am Extremely pleased with my MTAs. I want to personally thank you once again for helping my wife pick the best birthday present ever!

Delaney Mohr, Atlanta, GA, USA, 25.06.2003

aramid/carbon version

carbon version

4 different variations of "gradus"

ALL my composite MTA 2-bladers

Sensible to the thermics, resistant to the wind

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