"PRIMER" composite MTA

At first glance the “Primer” is similar to the “Gradus”. Actually, only the shape and the size are similar.
The “Primer” is another and quite different aerodynamics design. The profiles of the both arms are equal and relative thin. Compared with the “Gradus”, the “Primer” has a little bigger surface-area, a little lower standard-weight and additionally the arm-profiles are thinner – so it climbs higher and stays longer aloft.
The “Primer” needs relative low throwing-power, but more finesse. Little negative tilt-angle could help for higher climbing, correct laying-down and longer hover.

There are two different basic versions of reinforce materials combination available :

1. standard version - both boomerang-surfaces black/yellow “snake skin” (carbon/aramid fabric)

2.special version - black (carbon fabric).

An ambassador's experience with "PRIMER" :

(Andrea Sgattoni , Italy 5/28/2003)

"Yes! Great flights with PRIMER! And great throws expecially, I became used! I was able to throw it high and high and in the worst days it overcame 30 sec till ten minutes ago! What I was always worried for happened today, in a wonderful day for MTA, Primer went out of sight! I have lost it!

Today it is a very good day, little wind (sometime very little), plenty of more than 40sec flights, till THE FLIGHT! I "smell" the air, watched the threes and throw my primer: the throw was almost perfect, an incredible height was reached, after 1minute30sec it was ten metres far from where it was thrown! Then i felt something was going wrong, a breeze was taking my MTA up and up. It starded climbing and climbing and slowly (very slowly) flying away from the field. I started running, to gain time to catch it but it was climbing and becoming difficult to see (incredibely difficult). After a couple hundreds of metres running it was too high to be visible, i have lost it (I couldn't see it anymore) after about 5min30sec!!!"

Andrea Sgattoni (Italy, 28.05.2003)

Aaron Burke, Chicago, Ill, USA :

"I have a "Gradus", a "Gradus Ultrilight" and a "Primer" Composite MTAs and I love all three. On the 14 of June in light winds I got to show a unbeliever what a thermal can do. I gave the "Primer" a high negative throw. The "Primer" got in a thermal, and stayed up for 2.5 minutes "we did time it". My friend who had never seen such a thing was truley amazed to see it go up rather than come down. I'm looking for Composite/Plywood "Trigger" MTA for the summer."

Aaron Burke, Chicago, Ill, USA, 16.06.2003

carbon version

ALL my composite MTA 2-bladers

"PRIMER" is easy and tolerant

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