Boom-Plans of my best models from 1992 to 2003

(160ko .doc) "the TRIGGER story" article about the story and the aerodynamic of the MTA-tribladers (in GERMAN)

(57ko .doc) "composite MTAs" article about the composite MTAs (in ENGLISH)

(110ko .doc) "MTA-aero" article about MTAs and aerodynamic (in GERMAN)

(41ko .doc) "Good Boy" article by Marian Dimantchev about "Good Boy" boomerang (in GERMAN)

(81 ko .doc) "short TRIGGER story" reduced (9p) article about the "TRIGGER" MTA triblader (in GERMAN)

(44 ko .doc) "DAR-ULs" article about the DAR ultra light planes (in GERMAN)

( 32ko) picture of ALL 2-bladers composite MTAs in several variations

( 136ko) some standart "TRIGGER" (carbon/aramid)

(40ko) other standart "TRIGGER"

( 72ko) picture of ONE-OF-A-KIND "TRIGGER"

( 49ko) picture of some ONE-OF-A-KIND "TRIGGER"

(34ko) 4 different versions of "GRADUS"

(30ko) 6 different versions of "SENSOR"

(19ko) ONE-OF-A-KIND version of "AUSSIE-STICK"

( 22ko) pic. of 2 different "AUSSIE STICK"

(160ko) pic. of "ESSENCE" for the TRICK CATCH event

(23ko) pic. of "ATLAS 6" for the AUSSIE-ROUND event

(23ko) pic. of "FANTASY XX" for the AUSSIE-ROUND event

"dimana boomerangs"