"SENSOR" composite MTA

This MTA-boomerang is for the Classic Boom-Style fans.

The “Sensor” has a classic “Hockey Stick” shape. And the throwing & flight-path are classic too. It is sensible to the thermic, but to the wind too. So the right time for throwing “Sensor” is a sunny, light windy day.

Two versions are currently in manufacturing:

“Sensor 1” with flat down-surface

“Sensor 2” with concave down-surface and less standard-weight.

The throwing of the second model needs more skills, but the time aloft is for sure longer.

The British MTA100 record is set with “Sensor” (2002).

According to the reinforce material combinations there are three different basic versions in manufacturing :

1. both surfaces are black (carbon fabric)
2. black/yellow “snake skin” (carbon/aramid fabric)
3. yellow (aramid fabric) with black stripes (carbon rowing).

carbon/aramid version

carbon version

6 versions of "SENSOR"

ALL my composite MTA 2-bladers

"SENSOR" composite MTA , tuned with 3D turbulators

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